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   FaFa food industries are a group of factories and this group consists of four factories which are as below  
a.   Mashhad FaFa has started production by fruit leather and was established in 1986, this factory is located in Nayshabour city. after few year was expanded and new products have been added and today its annual capacity is 1800 MT fruit leather , 1500 MT tomato paste , 1500 MT tomato caned paste , 2000 MT aseptic tomato paste , 2000 MT apple puree and 700 MT jam. Now days the FaFa brand stands for its best quality and play major role in Iranian family daily use product like tomato paste and the snack fruit leather.
b.  Mashhad Rousta factory main product are dried herbs and vegetable and some tamarind which all these products produced by brand name Tiar. This factory was established and put into production in 1992 and ocated in Ghadamgah city its production capacity 400 MT dried herbs and 1000MT processed tamarind.
c. Farachasht Food Industries, Which has been founded in Toos industrial zone on 2002 and its main product is based upon the flour i.e. layer cakes, biscuits, Swiss roll are this factories products. And its capacity 2300 MT of all kinds of layer cake Swiss roll by brand name fafa. This factory has ISO 2004 in quality management and products.
d.  Sahel Borj Food Products Company, which produces dried fruits and herbs and additive powder for cooked food and seasoning by Tiar brand name. It should be mentioned that all the products of these factories are produced with desirable quality, and when necessary.
A license from the Administrations of supervision or standards is received. These units produce its products on basis of the needs of children and youths people of the country. Moreover, by putting Iranian traditional products such as fruit Bar, Tamarind, dried vegetables, and cake into consideration and noticing that they are produced to the market by workshop unhygienic ally, the company, with designing and manufacturing machineries in different field, has been able to make the parent to be sure to consume such products. Today FaFa products are available even in the farthest parts country and we are so pleased to see our dear consumers, from Tabriz to Zahedan and from Khorasan to Khuzestan, make us the subject of their affection and love.
 In fact, if we claim FaFa is a connection between fruit of Khorasani farmers and Bushehri Child, by using FaFa food leather. Today FaFa and Tiar have not only attracted the confidence of many fellow countrymen inside the country, but also the consumers in some European and American countries, while expressing their satisfaction with quality of the products, make us confident and hopeful of their availability and Purchas ability.
It must be admitted that the confidence and accompany of the consumers of these products have been effective and caused the reasonable development of this complex. And moreover, believing in healthy production, give us great incentive, regardless of so many problems that it has.
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